Asher Azenkot

Shmuel Asher Azenkot holds 35 years of Israel Ministry of Agriculture experience in soil and irrigation management, including:

– Design and handling of drip and overhead irrigation systems, water management including the use of desaline, saline and recycled water (effluent).

– Fertilizer management and application of organic compound as alternative source for mineral application and soil amendment.

– Fruit tree production, especially pineapple, almond, pomegranate, and citrus in desert and tropical climate.

– Field crop and vegetable production, especially in cotton, wheat, cheackpea, maize, tomato, cucurbits and onion in desert and tropical climate.

Asher holds B.Sc. Soil and Water Science degree, and M.Sc. Agriculture Botany and Vegetable Production degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem